Research and development

Our rapidly evolving sector requires the input of well-qualified staff and innovative technology. We can but grow as we constantly refine our methods and comply with the strictest standards.
Hyline has a staff of more than 60 specialized employees, who add to their knowledge and skills on a daily basis. To ensure the best possible input from our professionals, we use only top-quality technology and the latest equipment.

Computer-controlled orbital welding

Our computer-controlled orbital welding machines enable us to achieve the highest level of perfection. Combined with specialist applications and sophisticated installation techniques, we find this method of working delivers optimum results. Our experience in aseptic techniques is also one of our essential strengths.

We are very proud of the service we provide. Our prefabrication system is a fine example of this, enabling you to receive the service you want, direct from our workshop, when you want it. We process all the elements you require in advance into an operating module at our factory. We then move the whole unit to your company, where it is installed quickly and efficiently and linked up with your existing installations. As a result, you save time, money and stress.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and creativity with you.
If you are seeking a more efficient manufacturing process or want to launch a new or improved product, we will work with you, pooling our thoughts and ideas with yours.

Capitalisation of experience

By working together like this, our experience and know-how are sure to set you on the path to success.

When you are involved in implementing a major project, you may value having some of our staff working on your premises on a permanent basis. If you do, we’ll take care of it: we’ll put together a team of dedicated people and send them to work with you. That way you can benefit from our full-time support and the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship that go with it.