Food processing


Coca Cola – Gent – Anderlecht
Within the framework of the project for the Coca Cola Company, we carried out several projects for the Anderlecht and Gent facilities such as:

  • Automation of the ingredient water project and the keg filling monitoring system in Ghent
  • Engineering and delivery of the electrical-pneumatic panels and field cabinet in Ghent
  • Clean-in-Place installation in Anderlecht

Ordal – Ranst
Development of the process software for the syrup preparation and storage. Hyline Process Automation also automated the CIP installation of the process.

Sunfruit – Algeria
Hyline Process Automation automated the Syrup plant and the Pasteurizer through an automation platform based on a Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens HMI panel.

Haacht Brewery - Boortmeerbeek
Automation of the Pepsi production plant for Haacht Brewery. Hyline Process Automation also integrated the application software for both the CIP and HVAC systems for the soft drink part of the plant.
Finally, Hyline Process Automation developed a web based batch reports made accessible via Siemens Information Server.

Brewery De Brabandere – Bavikhove
In recent years the following projects were implemented at Bavikhove: syrup plant for soft drinks and a CIP. The automation platform that was set in place consists of a Siemens S7 PLC and a WinCC SCADA System.
The engineering and delivery of electrical-pneumatic panels and field cabling was provided by Hyline Process Automation for all the above-mentioned installations.

EDE (européenne d’embouteillage) – Donnery (45)
Production and distribution of reverse-osmosis purified water from design to qualification.
Within the framework of this project, Hyline carried out the following:

  • The design engineering
  • The workshop assembly of filtration skids
  • The installation of the clean piping and the pumps
  • The monitoring & control and qualifications