Food processing

Dairy industry

Belgomilk (INZA) – Schoten
Automation of the mixing plant and the toddlers, based on a Siemens S7 PLC’s automation platform. We also delivered the field cabling and electrical-pneumatic panels.

MIK – Kruishoutem
Over the years we had the opportunity of developing the application software for several different projects in Kruishoutem including the milk reception, the pasteurizer, the cheese production, the pickling and compressing of the cheese and the dosing of additives.

IdFresh – Wervik
Various projects were carried out for IdFresh, including the development of the application software for milk reception and the pasteurizer. Hyline Process Automation also completed the automation of the cheese production.
Process software for the pickling and for compressing cheese as well as the Clean-In-Place installation was also developed by Hyline Process Automation.