Stainless steel piping

Product recovery

In order to reduce the loss of product during the production change on a line or at the end of production of a series, Hyline integrates systems of product recovery, of the "shell shoot" (scraping) or "grows in the air" type.

These products allow:

  • product recovering
  • time saving
  • cleaning gain
  • reduction in wastewater treatment

Scraping system (shell shoot)

After the shutdown of your production line, up to 98% of your product stored in your pipes can be recovered using a scraping system integrated into your production line.

The shell is then propelled by choosing either nitrogen, water or compressed air depending on the product you wish to recover.

It is also possible to push with these shell cleaning products in order to operate the same production line for several process liquids.


The air push is a product developed by Hyline to be fitted onto installations which do not allow the use of scrapers.

It operates on the same process but uses a gas (air, nitrogen) and can be operated even if your line is equipped with valves.