Design office

Hyline has a « Design Office Department », a team of enthusiastic professionals specialising in designing the most creative, lean, flexible and state-of-the-art process systems.
Creative? We have to see it in the widest sense of the word, because on a daily basis we organise the combination of standards, materials, components, instruments and spaces to contain them all.

By combining good manufacturing practices, we can offer a complete process solution.
We thrive on complex challenges and strive to develop the most flexible solution to optimize your product process.

We bring stories and ideas alive, every time !

Due to 20 years of experience in building all kinds of process installations, Hyline started its design office activities to be able to respond to a growing demand from its customers.
We can start work right from the P&ID phase to be able to integrate piping knowledge into your basic design.
When finished and validated, Hyline starts to build the detailed construction design with some basic elements, and base blocks like the building layout.

Our extended library allows us to build a fast and accurate design.
Using the detailed 3D model we present to the customer and make available through our network, we can keep track of all the changes.
Once the 3D model is finished, we continue to extract our detailed isometric drawings and these will be used as field documents.

Revamp activities

For the revamping of existing installations, we supply a 3D scanning measurement laser. This laser scans the existing installation into millions of points to be integrated directly into our CAD system.
The technology doesn’t fail and reacts to every detail. It is a money-saving, fast and safe measuring technique.
All the data is vectorised from a “point cloud” and can be used directly to adapt piping installations and make a projection to the new situation.

Hyline’s added values:

  • Simplifying your plant design
  • Process engineering for food and biotech process installations
  • 3D Scanning to integrate existing installations
  • Updating your Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • 3D piping design software Autodesk Plant 3D
  • Working together with other trades on one 3D model in order to avoid clashes
  • From PFD or P&ID through to 3D model up to detailed isometrics
  • Customization of all possible instruments and components
  • Integration of technical solutions and safety issues
  • Designed to meet ergonomic requirements
  • Optimized for maintenance
  • Durability driven
  • Skid design