Loyalty to our core business

Hyline provides tailor-made solutions in order to meet customer requirements.

Rather than exploring distant horizons, we remain committed to our core business: implementing process installation projects and supplying equipment, components and modules.

All the efforts made over the years have resulted in us being made an authorized installer and service partner. Our aim is to maintain this title, step by step, true to our own special corporate philosophy and always meeting the highest quality standards.

Hyline France, which was founded in 2011, has added our proximity to customers in France. Our Orléans office, situated in the centre of France, services the biotech and pharmaceutical markets, whereas our office in Reims services the food / beverages industry.

Unique customer relationships

Hyline has everything you need to make us the ideal business partner for a long-term partnership. From construction design and functional analysis, through to implementation and maintenance, we will always guide you with professional advice, while proposing alternatives and flexible solutions.
We will adapt seamlessly to your usual methods and procedures, making a valuable contribution to your aims and aspirations.

Having a contract that is tailored to meet your requirements and budget resources is the key to a mutually satisfying relationship.

Quality management

A crucial item in our business policy is to achieve the highest possible quality. This applies at all stages of the production process. Where possible, we formally set our quality standards through official guidelines. We comply fully with EHEDG, 3A, FDA and HACCP standards in applying aseptic techniques.

Our staff is trained to the latest implementation standards for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Documentation Practice). This guarantees you that our skills on the job are constantly monitored with operational excellence, and continuous improvement.

Since 2014, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certificates which highlight our commitment to the demands of Industry 4.0

At this moment we are in the process of being certified for ISO 50001 (Energy Management) ?