Fine chemistry

MC Bride – Leper
Automation of two mixing plants for the Household and the Personal Care divisions. For this purpose, we designed and automated 3 in-line dosing skids based on a Siemens S7 PLC’s and a WinCC Scada System.

Ecover– Malle
Development and integration of the application software for the product recovery installation (Pigging) and the mixing tanks.

Hyline Process Automation had the opportunity to develop the software for a Pilot production plant for algae, based on a Siemens S7 1500 PLCs automation platform

Within the scope of our project for Lano, we automated a paint kitchen for carpet dyeing. For the customer’s process, we worked on the engineering and delivery of several electrical-pneumatic panels as well as the revamping of the carpet line. We also delivered the field cabling for the project.

Maltzahn – Nottuln Germany
The automation projects consisted of a paint kitchen for dyeing of carpets based on a Siemens automation platform. All the engineering and the delivery of the electrical-pneumatic panels and field cabling were provided by Hyline Process Automation.

Cotac– Antwerp/Rotterdam/Le Havre
Within the scope of our project for COTAC, we developed the application software for container cleaning installations and the washing installation to remove residual chlorosilanes in the production line.

Dupont/Genencor – Brugge 
Hyline provided a conceptual design and built an installation comprised of microfiltration units for enzyme production commissioned by Dupont Industrial Biosciences-Genencor in Bruges.

VITO – Mol 
Hyline installed the Cleansteam distribution system for the European Space Agency commissioned by VITO in Mol, Belgium. For another project, we also supplied a skid to transform algae into biodiesel commissioned by Vito in Mol, Belgium.