Skids building

Process skids

A modular process skid is a process system within a frame which allows it to be easily transported.
They can contain complete process systems and be combined in other skids for larger installations.

Skids provide the advantage of being built « off-site » and being integrated without the need for special planned shutdown periods.
Hyline engineers these compact tailor-made skids. They are lean, compact and serviceable.

All disciplines can be integrated and combined.

Generally speaking, skids contain electrical wiring, flanges, flow meters, heat exchangers, instrumentation, insulation, piping, pumps, vessels, tubing and valves.

They can be applied for batch processing, bio-waste deactivation systems, centrifuge systems, chemical processing, chemical reactors, cleaning-in-place systems, continuous batch processing, flavour mixing, blending systems,…

Advantages of a skid system :

  • Off-line production
  • Lean design and easy integration
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Controlled assembly
  • FAT testing before installation
  • Accessible layout

Hyline’s added value :

  • Engineering of the skid with full transparency : 3D design model walkthrough before building
  • Construction in our own 1,500m² clean piping workshop
  • Integration of your required component standards
  • Assembly with other disciplines like E&I, automation
  • FAT testing
  • Full documentation package possible
  • Knowledge of your process and maintenance requirements