Process automation

Automation engineering

Automation is a fast and continuously evolving process in a world becoming ever more digitalized. It is our daily challenge to successfully integrate these automation processes. By doing this our customers take full advantage of all its possible benefits. Based on the experience and knowledge of our project teams, Hyline Process Automation offers advanced automation solutions for various process-related sectors. Our software engineers do not only excel in programming but they also have extensive process experience and knowledge.

Automation is our core business in its broadest sense: PLC and SCADA software development, tailor-made. Net solutions, linking PLC and SCADA with MES and ERP layers, tracking and tracing, RFID solutions, delivery of virtualized hardware platforms…

With our own developed PLC and SCADA standards, we deliver added value to our customers at various levels:

  • Productivity and production reliability
  • Quantity and quality management
  • Production flexibility

Over the years, Hyline Process Automation has specialized in the following markets:

  • Breweries
  • Dairy industry
  • Life science
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Food processing
  • Personal care and household

Software engineering and development

Our aim is to deliver software solutions which perfectly meet our customers’ needs. Therefore, a detailed automation study at the start of each project is carried out. This study, resulting in the functional analysis of the software, is always carried out in close co-operation with our customers. All software is developed according to the Good Automation Manufacturing Practices and current market standards.

Over the years Hyline Process Automation has also developed its own PLC and Visualization software standard. In this way, all our programmers are used to working with the same software structures and software tools. This guarantees efficient and reliable software development and at the same time it results in flexible and user-friendly software applications.

All the software developed is fully tested in house. According to the customers’ requirements, these tests can be documented with FAT and SAT test protocols.

After the commissioning of the software, Hyline Process Automation provides the required after-sales service, where possible by VPN connection and remote support, if not possible (for security reasons) by on-site visits.

PLC Systems

After the automation study, we start with the in-house software development. The most important makes and PLC systems we support are:

  • Siemens S5, Siemens S7 300 and S7400
  • Siemens S71200, S71500
  • Allen-Bradley

Hyline Process Automation is a Siemens Solution Partner for PLC’s

Visualization and SCADA systems

In order to visualize the automated processes and to provide a flexible and operator friendly-user interface, we make use of the following SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems:

  • Siemens WinCC
  • Siemens TIA panels (Basic, Comfort)
  • IFIX
  • Wonderware
  • Factory Talk

Hyline Process Automation is a Siemens Solution Partner for HMI and WinCC.


Hyline Process Automation has developed two solutions to provide in reports of the collected production data.

For small applications we have a solution based on MS SQL and use MS Excel to visualize the reports.

For lager applications we use the reporting software Information Server of Siemens to offer a web-based reporting solution.

MES/ERP integration

Hyline Process Automation delivers the necessary services to link the PLC/SCADA layer with the customers’ MES/ERP layer. Via intermediate databases, the necessary data between the MES/ERP applications and the factory automation layer is exchanged in both directions. In this way, production orders can be executed top-down and relevant production data can be reported back from the plant floor bottom-up.

Hyline Process Automation’s added values

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased production reliability
  • Increased production quality
  • Delivering the tools for high-performance quality management
  • Production flexibility, fast and efficient changes to recipes and batches
  • Integration of technical solutions and safety issues
  • Designed to meet ergonomic requirements
  • Optimized for maintenance
  • Durability driven
  • Delivery of open software applications
  • Excellent after sales service